Young Women in Solidarity

Mount St Benedict College students and staff walked in solidarity with young women around the world to collect water. The 6km trip from the College grounds in Pennant Hills to collect water in a local creek, is part of the College’s annual Caritas Trek, to raise money for Caritas Australia and Project Compassion.

Year 12 Social Justice Captains, Charlotte Anderson and Alexandra Soliman were keen to be part of the Caritas Trek, now in its 16th year, alongside 110 of their fellow students and teachers.

“This experience has opened my eyes to the daily challenges faced by women to ensure their families have water. We have risen early and walked 6km to collect and carry water back to school, before breakfast or any of our school commitments,” said Charlotte.

Alexandra was proud that the Caritas Week theme ‘100% Hope: Lives change when we all give 100%’ had resonated with so many of her fellow students.

“Access to water and education are basic human rights, and we want to raise money to bring hope and change to these young women and their families. Each of us have sought sponsors for our morning trek, thank you to each of them for their support.”

The morning trek for water concluded with the group sharing a simple porridge breakfast together before school began for the day, similar to many young women around the world.

Mount St Benedict College is committed to social justice and would like to invite student representatives from local high schools to their 20th Social Justice Forum ‘Building Peace’ on 28 May at 4pm featuring guest speaker: Gem Romuld from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Bookings: