Over the past five years Mount St Benedict College (MSB) has invested significant time, energy and resources into ensuring all students engage deeply with their learning.

One of the significant parts of this work has been the development of a more integrated approach to College programs, underpinned by the Teaching for Understanding framework, Positive Education and Benedictine Good Samaritan traditions and values. 

This approach is reflected in the integrated course MYBennies in Year 7, STEM Challenge Days in Year 8 and from 2017 will include a one week residential experience in Year 9. 

The week-long program for Year 9 will include two full days in Sydney and two full days in Berry on the NSW South Coast in October 2017. The aim of the program is to provide interesting and authentic learning experiences, which complement the student’s learning as well as the College’s values. Emphasis will be placed on an integrated approach, whereby girls will engage in a range of subjects and the six 21st century skills of the Middle Years program.

Year 9 students will be appropriately challenged and expected to step beyond their comfort zones in order to engage with new ideas, people and experiences. For the City Experience, students will be accommodated at the YHA in the Rocks and on Cockatoo Island. The students will have a range of responsibilities, including organising meals, navigating the city streets and taking public transport.

In Berry the students will be involved in activities on the Berry Sport and Recreation site, go off-site in the local area and have the opportunity to reflect on the week’s experiences. Students will explore the idea that leadership (in the Good Samaritan tradition) is about compassion, justice and service, rather than power and recognition.

The Year 9 Experience is explicitly designed around the Good Samaritan values with the over-arching message of "Go and do likewise", empowering the students to transform their micro and macro worlds for the better.

As the students enter Year 10 they will be ready to approach their studies in a more sophisticated manner usually associated with senior studies. To reflect these developments, from the beginning of 2018 girls entering Year 10 will wear the College Senior uniform.