Year 7 Visual Art portraiture studies culminated in an excursion to the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. After examining the range of styles and technique, students chose a teacher to depict for Bennies’ own 'Archibennies' exhibition. Students chose a teacher that they felt an affinity with; either through their relationship as a Homeroom mentor or as their classroom teacher. Some students chose to depict a teacher that they may not necessarily have been taught by but the teacher’s appearance was compelling to them.

Similar to the Archibald Prize, there was a Teacher’s and Student’s Choice. The standard of the student's portraits was high and the voting was close. Congratulations to Student’s Choice winner, Abigail Kafkis with her depiction of Mrs Vukovic; and to Teacher’s Choice winner, Georgia Hogan with her interpretation of Mrs Gracie.