Congratulations to the following Mount St Benedict College Year 12 students who have been nominated for Shape 2018, an exhibition that showcases exemplary TAS Major Projects in the areas of Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design from the 2018 Higher School Certificate examinations.


Design and Technology

Zali Levy
Affordable housing for young people wanting to buy in the Sydney area. Major Project was to design an affordable and sustainable housing solution for the younger generation living in Sydney to address the increasing population. Zali created an affordable modular living solution, allowing the consumer to customise their living space according to their own needs, whilst still being affordable and sustainable.

Ella Lehmann
UV exposure indicator and warning device (wearable). As sun exposure is a serious and reoccurring issue in Australian society, Ella developed a wrist device that can track personalised sun exposure, alert the user and prevent long term exposure that leads to skin cancer.

Lucy Koelmeyer
A portable shelter, restoring dignity to the homeless. During the winter month of August 2017, 386 people were sleeping rough on the streets in the City of Sydney. Lucy’s project was to design and produce a temporary and mobile shelter for the homeless to protect them from the natural elements, restore dignity and promote personal security.

Industrial Technology

Aoife Twamley
“Behind the Hero: The Research Team” - a mockumentary style film that follows the story of three women who work in the research department of a TV show that investigates the secret lives of superheroes. The film draws direct influence from films like What We Do in The Shadows and Wellington Paranormal, which are parody and satire.

Best wishes to our Design and Technology class (18 students) and Industrial Technology class (10 students) as they await their HSC results in mid-December.

Shape 2018 opens at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences on 22 February 2019 and closes on 5 May 2019.