Future Problem Solving (FPS) is a global program designed for gifted and talented students to encourage creative higher order thinking, reasoning and problem solving. Mount St Benedict College has consistently achieved in the top 10%, to be invited to participate at each national competition, five international competitions and has secured four world championship titles.

The College’s Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Liz Dirckze has dedicated herself to the development of the College’s Future Problem Solving Program since 2006, delighting in watching gifted and talented Bennies girls thrive at a local, national and international level in each category offered.

“FPS teaches our students to learn how to think flexibly across disciplines, how to apply research imaginatively and is a proven program in developing the attributes of leadership, social responsibility and connection within young people.

It has been a pleasure to coach and mentor our talented coaches and students alike and to work with our generous and supportive FPS families.”

MSB were represented in three categories at the 2018 Future Problem Solving World Championships held at the University of Winconsin La-Crosse. The categories were: Scenario Performance (fourth place and finalist), Scenario Writing (finalist) and Community Problem Solving (third place).

Twenty one students and their dedicated coaches are currently preparing for the national competition that will be held in Melbourne in late 2018.

Scenario Performance

In Scenario Performance, individual students choose the FPS annual topic that interests them as they project twenty years into the future and create a futuristic story, and then then perform it to a live audience and judging panel.

Kishaya Lye (Year 10) 4th place at International FPS Championships

I've always loved problem solving and public speaking, so when the FPS Program was promoted at Assembly, and I was informed about the Scenario Performance division, I was drawn to it immediately. Our given topic was criminal justice, so I wrote my piece about a futuristic courtroom in which a girl is being tried for leaking government papers. She is tried using a new invention called a wireread, which scans your brain information to prove whether you're innocent or guilty. I have definitely improved my problem solving, writing and speaking skills, as well as getting to know people from all over the world and experiencing new cultures and places.”

Tara Le Large (Year 9) Finalist at International FPS Championships

“I wanted to explore the different opportunities and programs on offer at Bennies, I’m so glad I joined the FPS Program as I have improved my writing, performance and teamwork skills. My performance was about a person who finds out their boss is corrupting judges in the courts. They want to and feel they need to expose their boss, but they face many challenges because their boss knows they are trying to expose them.”