Since the beginning of the year, about 50 students from Year 7-10 have been participating eagerly in the da Vinci Decathlon challenges at lunchtimes on Fridays. They brought with them teamwork, energy, and initiative, and participated in challenges across disciplines such as engineering, mathematics, code-breaking, art and poetry, science, English, ideation, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge.

On Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 May, 32 of these students represented the College at the Knox Grammar da Vinci Decathlon. Year 7 and 8 competed on Tuesday and Year 9 and 10 competed on Wednesday. On both days there were about 1000 students busily working in the great Hall at Knox. Each of our teams competed against roughly 50 other teams and the standards were high.

All of the girls had an exciting, challenging, and tiring day and displayed such collegiality in their teams. They worked brilliantly together and acted as exemplary representatives of the College. We will receive more information about their placements in the different challenges soon, but the Year 9 team was awarded first place in the art and poetry section, presenting a sophisticated poem on dystopian futuristic landscapes that were integrated into a 3D artwork.

Well done to all of the students who participated in the weekly challenges and the teams who attended the Decathlon. The school program was also greatly supported by very generous and enthusiastic Year 11 students: Ariel Fabian, Kishaya Lye, Olivia Patterson, Nicole Sroba, Angelina Wehbe and Emma Wilkinson.