2019 Year of Pax

In 2019 the Mount St Benedict College community is celebrating the College value of PAX. As a Catholic school in the tradition of the Good Samaritan Sisters, students value the aims of Benedictine life - to find peace not only in their relationship with God but also within themselves and their interactions with others.

With this in mind, the College Captains have developed a theme that challenges the College community to live out PAX. The theme for 2019 is ‘Individually We Are Stars, Together We’re A Constellation’ #Illuminate. College Captain, Antonia Saul explained, “…this was because each individual student contains a light within them. Whether it be a talent, a strength, an inspiring experience that motivates them to create positive change or a spark of compassion and empathy to bring peace to others. MSB will unite as a constellation and through this, shine PAX into the wider community beyond Bennies.”

A new initiative emerged from this theme, the Bennies Pax Project. Over the course of 2019, the Bennies Pax Project will invite every Bennies member, staff and students to be inspired by one act of peace and then pay it forward with another act of peace. Each week one student from each Homeroom will live out an act of PAX to another member of the Homeroom, then pass the candle onto another student in the Homeroom. This will continue until all members of the Homeroom have been passed the candle, symbolic of the light that PAX radiates into the hearts and minds of others.

Antonia Saul, the 2019 College Captain is enthusiastic about the new College wide project, “This initiative will re-inforce that individually we are stars, capable of using our passions, strengths and talents to spread light into the life of another. Yet together, through living out just one act of PAX and paying it forward, we form a Bennies constellation, radiating PAX within and beyond the College.”