Year 9 and 10 girls have created a video titled #1MINUTE addressing domestic violence - to shed light and raise awareness on an often taboo topic.

Mount St Benedict College is part of the Student Alliance Network Group - empowering girls by providing a supportive environment where they can raise awareness and discuss issues that relate to them and network with other girls from around Sydney.

The 18 member girls schools from across Sydney have attended meetings over the year addressing and learning about world issues concerning girls. This week the girls attended their final meeting with each member girl school presenting their own ad and / or campaign to raise awareness about one of the issues discussed at their meetings.

The Mount St Benedict girls chose the topic of domestic violence for their campaign as the incidence rate is sadly rising however they felt there was so much about it that they still didn’t know. The more they talked and researched, they realised there was still a taboo around the issue. They believe the key way to break down this taboo is by talking about domestic violence, starting with girls. They also presented their video at College Assembly this week to 1,000 girls.

“It only takes one minute to spread the message of domestic violence to your mum, dad, brother, sister, friends - anyone else you know. As a group, we really think it’s important to shed more light on this frightening issue, to raise awareness and importantly talk to each other.”

The video was launched on the Mount St Benedict Facebook page - the girls did not expect much of a response outside of their own College community.  Within 19 hours it had been viewed over 14,000 times and shared 730 times. The video has touched those young and old and has been gratefully received by many domestic violence organisations including Violence Survivors: Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, We are Survivors International, The Red Heart Campaign, The Unheard Voice and Impact for Women.

View the video here and please take a minute to share.